iPhone 12 Mini Review


The iPhone 12 Mini is a smaller version of the iPhone that is only available in China. This phone has only been released for a few countries worldwide. Because of this limited release there are only a limited amount of variations and upgrades to choose from. You can buy iPhone 12 Mini online if you are ready to snap up the device before it is released in other countries.

The screen on this phone is much smaller than the iPhone 12 Plus which means you will need to have an eye for detail. The displays have slightly rounded corners. When measured as a square rectangle, the display is only 5.82 inches (iPhone 12 mini). Actual usable viewing area is marginally less at 6.06 inch(iPhone 12 mini). The dimensions, along with the price tag, are the biggest selling points of this phone. iphone 12 mini

If you are used to using larger touch screens, the iPhone 12 mini may not be a great choice. This phone is more like a scaled down version of the iPhone 5 which has a taller display. It is almost impossible for this small phone to feel too wimpy. It has a solid built and although it is a little bit lighter than the average cell phone, it doesn’t feel cumbersome in any way.

The iPhone 12 mini also runs on the same iOS platform as the iPhone 5s and iPod Touch. This is great news if you are already an Apple customer and looking to stay in the loop. You can continue to use your existing devices after purchasing the iPhone 12 mini. The upside of not buying the iPhone 12 mini right away though, is that it is only available through the Apple online store.

If you are looking to buy the iPhone 12 mini, it is worth checking out the following places where it is sold. Browsing through the Google Android and Apple app stores should bring up results for the product. This is a good way of seeing what the prices are and whether the device needs activation or not. It also makes it easy to compare prices from different retailers to see if you can save any money.

The iPhone 12 mini does have some limitations compared to the other two versions of the product. For example, it does not support the HID feature which requires Bluetooth Low Energy to work. In addition, it does not come with a data cable. If you need data connectivity, then you will need to buy an external data cable which is available from most retailers. Overall, this is a decent phone which offers good value for money and a good all round user experience.